Course Description

Ex-Director for Innovation & Business Development, Elsevier

Dr. Nello Spiteri

Dr. Nello has been the ex-Publishing Director, Elsevier, and Senior Consultant, Nature Publishing Group. He helped develop additional publishing programs and managed a portfolio of over 100 international health science journals and published around 30 new book titles per year. He was also responsible for strategic planning and geographical expansion of journals in Germany, Spain, France, and Italy for Elsevier. With more than 30 years of publishing experience, he now works as international publishing consultant to scientific, technical and medical publishers as well as professional academic and medical societies.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Know the Scholarly Publishing Lifecycle (English)

    • Chapter 1: History of Scientific Communication (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 2: Emergence of Publishers (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 3: Different Functions within the “Publisher” (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 4: Where to Publish? (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 5: Editorial Process (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 6: Manuscript Workflow (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 7: Abstracting & Indexing Databases (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 8: How is Scientific Content Consumed? (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 9: The Impact of Social Media on Scholarly Publishing (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 10: New Developments in Scholarly Publishing (Text + Audio)

    • Know the Scholarly Publishing Lifecycle (English) - Quiz

Understanding the Scholarly Publishing Process (English)